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Lana Sutra for United Colors of Benetton by Erik Ravelo
The global brand has successfully fulfilled an experimental project, created by a young Cuban artist at Fabrica, Erik Ravelo.
On the 6th of September of 2011, UCB hosted the simultaneous event in their three concept stores in Istanbul, Milan and Munich, as well as on the web for worldwide audiences, as they presented a series of 15 art installations signed by the artist, symbolizing the brand’s DNA spirit of unity in diversity.
The 15 installations of Lana Sutra are created as homage to the spirit of love that embodies our connection as one race and our strength as one unit, as well it also dedicated to the desire for an equal and sharing society. The project’s visuals are based on the famous Indian literature Kama Sutra, with the word Kama replaced by Lana, the Italian and Spanish word for wool, and sutra that means a thread which unites.
The installations represent sculptures of human couple that are made of clay and colorful woolen threads, uniting them and merging the bodies one to another as a symbol of unity when the different colors meet, which the colors itself are chosen from the brand’s shades of Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection ready to purchase at UCB local stores worldwide.

This is absolutely stunning!




Finnish is a great language:

The spruce is on fire. = Kuusi palaa.
The spruce returns. = Kuusi palaa.
The number six is on fire. = Kuusi palaa.
The number six returns. = Kuusi palaa.
Six of them are on fire. = Kuusi palaa.
Six of them return. = Kuusi palaa.
Your moon is on fire. = Kuusi palaa.
Your moon returns. = Kuusi palaa.
Six pieces. = Kuusi palaa

But wait, do those all have different pronunciations?!

Nope, they are all exactly the same.

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